Theology Matters Conference - Oct 8-10th, 2024

Theology Matters Conference - Oct 8-10th, 2024

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The Institute for Theological Education

A Program of Theology Matters

What We Do

Theology Matters seeks to equip and encourage Presbyterians and other Christian leaders through theology that is reformed according to God’s Word.
The Institute for Theological Education seeks to provide theological instruction that is biblical and from the mainstream of the Reformed tradition. Its primary purpose is to equip the next generation of ministers for Presbyterian and other Christian congregations.
As a primary focus, the Institute both:
  1. Educates candidates for ministry in classes on the Bible, historic Reformed theology, and church history.
  2. Mentors candidates in a congregational setting in the practice of preaching, leading worship, pastoral care, and polity.
The Institute for Theological Education seeks to identify, recruit, and educate pastors for Presbyterian and other Christian congregations through:


Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ


Leading faithful worship of God


Teaching the historic faith of the church


Caring for the men and women


Building up congregations


Leading in missions

What We Offer

The Institute for Theological Education offers three programs:

M.A. in Reformed Theology

A Master of Arts in Reformed Theology in partnership with the University of Dubuque Theological
Seminary and accredited by the Association of Theological Schools.


A continuing education program that offers educational seminars and retreats for pastors, elders,
teachers, and other congregational leaders.


An adult education program that offers courses, lectures, and seminars to all interested in the subject
matter, whether for academic credit, a certificate in theological studies, or as auditors.

Master of Arts Program

Theology Matters and the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary have established a new Master of Arts program in Reformed Theology that is committed to teaching the Old and New Testament, classic texts valued by the Reformed tradition, and congregational ministry.
Teachers in this program are pastor-scholars whose knowledge has been tested in both academic and congregational settings.
The M.A. in Reformed Theology is a fully accredited, 36-hour degree offered in a hybrid format that includes both in-person and online instruction. This M.A. degree offers a pathway for those preparing for ordained or non-ordained leadership positions in the church or for those already serving in leadership positions, such as pastors, commissioned lay pastors (CLPs), transferring into a Presbyterian denomination or other, or advanced lay teachers.
The M.A. in Reformed Theology also provides a basic education for those pursuing graduate study in theology, philosophy, church history, and biblical studies.
A goal of this M.A. is to help raise up a new generation of ministers, especially for congregations in the Reformed-Presbyterian tradition.


Required Courses

  • Introduction to the Reformed Tradition
  • Interpretation of the OT in the Reformed Tradition
  • Interpretation of the NT in the Reformed Tradition
  • Reformed Theology I
  • Reformed Theology II
  • Capstone Project in Reformed Theology

Elective Courses

  • Early and Medieval Church History
  • Reformation and Modern Church History
  • Presbyterian History and Confessions
  • American Puritanism through Edwards
  • The Theology of Augustine
  • The Theology of John Calvin
  • The Theology of Karl Barth
  • The Theology of T.F. Torrance
  • Leading Christian Worship
  • Foundations of Preaching
  • The Psalms in Christian Worship
  • Preaching from the Old Testament
  • Preaching from the New Testament
  • Proclaiming the Word
  • Expository Preaching
  • Worship in the Reformed Tradition

Our Teachers Possess

Academic Experience

Theological knowledge proven in a rigorous academic setting (normally a Ph.D.)

Pastoral Focus

A deep commitment to the church that has been tested in pastoral ministry.


Courses will be delivered through a combination of in-person and online class instruction.

Providence Presbyterian Church

In-person instruction will be hosted at Providence Presbyterian Church, 171 Cordillo Parkway, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928.

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The Institute for Theological Education

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