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Theology Matters Conference 2020 Brochure 
    (click on the link above to view the brochure)

Hilton Head Conference
Theology Matters Conference: “Confessing Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life in a Pluralistic Culture”; February 18-20, 2020. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina at Providence Presbyterian Church. Our conference begins at 4pm, with the program beginning at 7pm on Tuesday, Feb.18 and our conference will end by 3pm on Thursday, Feb. 20 (Click on the link above for more information)

San Diego Conference

The Fellowship Community is hosting its Pastor's Gathering and Theology Conference at First Presbyterian Church, San Diego, CA, from Oct. 14-18, 2019.  Click on the link above for more details and to register.  

Interview with Earl Palmer

Earl Palmer on Preaching: Richard Burnett interviews Earl Palmer on the Joy and Challenge of Expository Preaching." (Click on the link above to see and hear the complete interview)

Presbyterian Scholars Conference

The sixth meeting of the Presbyterian Scholars Conference will meet October 22-23, 2019 at the Harbor House of Wheaton College


Recent Articles

Holy Saturday & the Hell of Coming Home: Caring for War Wounded Souls by Adam D. Tietje
In Packing Inferno, Iraq War veteran Tyler Boudreau describes his experience of going to war and of coming home: They say war is hell, but I say it’s the foyer to hell. I say coming home is hell, and hell ain’t got no coordinates. You can’t find it on the charts, because there are no charts. Hell is no place at all, so when you’re there, you’re nowhere—you’re lost. The narrative, that’s your chart, your own story. There are guys who come home from war and live fifty years without a narrative, fifty years lost. They don’t even know their own story, never have, and never will. But they’re moving amidst the text every day and every long night without even realizing it. … They live inside the narrative like a cell, and their only escape is to understand its dimensions. Theology Maters Spring 2019 Pg. 1

Invitation to a Pillar Fight by Charles Partee
Preamble: Beyond the blue horizon an even-keeled professorship goes into dry dock claiming that (1) doctrine unites, (2) reason divides, and (3) bondage
I. Surveying Our Rubble Let us begin by backing up. If you are a Protestant in the Reformed tradition you might have hoped that the 500th anniversary of Protestant Christianity in 2017 would have offered a solid opportunity for careful reflection on, and reaffirmation of, our family identity. However, the most pious remembrance will seldom recover what has been massively neglected and will miss entirely what has been completely dismissed.See the complete article in Theology Matters Winter 2019 Pg. 1

Preparing for Baptisms And Supporting the Baptized by John P. Burgess
Opening prayer: Great God, we thank you for the gift of baptism, in which Jesus forgives us our sins yet lays your mighty claim upon our whole life. Call us back to the identity that you gave us at the font, that we would be free for grateful service to you and all your creatures. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Recovering the Office of Elder The Shepherd Model, Part II by Eric Laverentz
In 1898, the ruling elders of the Second Presbyterian Church in Kansas City, Missouri, became aware through local media that one of their members, Dr. H.S Lowry had become sexually involved with one of his employees. Dr. Lowry repented of the sin and admitted his offense in writing to the Session. However, the elders of Second Presbyterian Church sought further to set the matter straight between the couple. They spelled out their terms. Dr. Lowry was forgiven, but to regain full “communion and privileges of membership” he would have to marry the woman. They made it clear: “An adequate repentance it seems to us can only be fully evinced by giving to the young woman you have wronged the right to bear your name and to look to you for the protection which a husband alone can afford a wife.”

Returning to the Basics by Eugene H. Peterson
Sixty miles or so from where I live there is a mountain popular among rock climbers––Stalamus Chief. It presents itself as a vertical slab of smooth granite, 2,000 feet high. On summer days rock climbers are spread out in varying levels of ascent up and down its face. Occasional climbers spend the night in hammocks (they call it bivouacking), hanging like cocoons attached to barn siding. It always strikes me as a might dangerous way to have fun.

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Princeton Seminary: Give Honor to Whom Honor is Due

Princeton Theological Seminary recently rescinded its decision to award Dr. Timothy Keller the Kuyper Prize for Excellence in Reformed Theology and Public Witness. The Board of Directors of Theology Matters respectfully asks Princeton Seminary and the Kuyper Center to reconsider their decision. This decision calls into question the Seminary's commitment to academic freedom, and makes hollow its claim to be a "theologically diverse community."



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