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Worship Reformed According to Scripture: Hughes Oliphant Old in Retrospect

The Rev. Walter L. Taylor, D.Min., reviews the life and work of Old, the preeminent scholar of Reformed worship in his generation. Old endeavored to show the distinctiveness of an approach to Scripture that is “Reformed according to Scripture.” The key point, as Taylor explains, was how Reformed leaders dealt with liturgical practices that were neither commanded nor forbidden by Scripture. They followed neither the Anabaptists in prohibiting everything that was not explicitly commanded, nor the Lutherans in allowed everything that was not forbidden. The Reformed approach required a more sophisticated study of the Bible than simply searching for proof texts.

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Does Theology Still Matter?

It may seem like an odd question to pose in a journal that has asserted for more than two decades with the simple proposition of its title that it does. Yet asserting that theology matters does not make it so. And if theology matters, how does it matter? The Rev. Dr. Richard Burnett, the new Executive Director of Theology Matters, offers an answer to the question.


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