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Why Church Leaders Should Study Theology 
by Rev. Mark Patterson, PhD

When the church—regardless of whether this refers to an entire denomination or specific congregation—loses sight of its purpose it will inevitably become aimless, distracted, and inconsequential. And where its leaders fail to accurately and honestly assess or, worse, deny its true condition, this drift toward irrelevancy will only hasten. The health and vitality of the church then is dependent upon its faithfulness to the purpose for which it was birthed and its courageous rejection of anything that might distract or turn it from seeing this fulfilled. It is vital then that those in leadership understand God’s intention and purpose for the church and have the ability to assess its true faithfulness in fulfilling this mandate. 

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Princeton Seminary: Give Honor to Whom Honor is Due

Princeton Theological Seminary recently rescinded its decision to award Dr. Timothy Keller the Kuyper Prize for Excellence in Reformed Theology and Public Witness. The Board of Directors of Theology Matters respectfully asks Princeton Seminary and the Kuyper Center to reconsider their decision. This decision calls into question the Seminary's commitment to academic freedom, and makes hollow its claim to be a "theologically diverse community."



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