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Is God Irrelevant? by Steven D. Smith

University of San Diego law professor Smith answers skeptics who claim we do not need God to live a moral life. Engaging the arguments of the late philosopher Ronald Dworkin in his book Religion Without God, Smith shows the failings of Dworkin’s and others’ attempts to build a morality without God. Neither a strictly subjective morality, based upon perceived individual self-interest, nor a purported objective morality apart from God will have sufficient authority and credibility. Smith finds a firmer foundation for morality in the God of the Bible—a God who created humankind, and who has a supremely good plan and purpose for his creatures.

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The Holy Week Gap

It's been said that we're in trouble if our Christian faith operates only on Sundays and not on the other six days of the week. Nowhere is this warning more applicable than during Holy Week. If we attend to Jesus' story only on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, we pass over some important events in the week between. The cross, for example.


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