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What's the Big Deal about Marriage?  Reclaiming God's Plan for Men and Women  by Alan Wisdom, Theology Matters' Fellow on Marriage Initiative (6-part DVD series; each session is approx. 45 min in length)

Marriage is up for grabs in our society today.  Is it just any "two people who love each other," or is there something more to marriage than just feelings of affection? Why just "two people"?  Television shows now cast a favorable light on polygamy, and a number of states have redefined marriage to include same-sex couples.  Some people are asking, "Why bother with marriage at all?  Isn't it just a piece of paper? Maybe marriage is obsolete."

Such doubts arise even within the church.  And they are having an effect on behavior.  Fewer people marry today.  More people divorce.  increasing numbers of people move through a series of relationships without ever forming a lasting marriage.  How should the church respond to these trends?

Alan Wisdom takes us back to the basic question, "What does God our Creator mean for marriage to be? In this seminar Wisdom reclaims the rich biblical heritage of teaching on marriage.

Outline of Sessions
(each session is approx. 45 min long)

Back to Creation: Matthew 19, Genesis 1-2
From Old Testament to New Testament: Marriage in Law and Gospel
The Church Changes the Culture
Where Marriage Stands in Our Culture Today
What Can the Church Say about Marriage?
What Can the Church Do about Marriage?

Although we do not charge for the DVD series, a donation of $10 would help cover our costs of production and mailing. 

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Is Marriage Worth Defending?  by Alan Wisdom. This one hour video parallels Wisdom's articles that appeared in the Jan/Feb and Mar/Apr 2010 issues of Theology Matters.  Discussion questions are provided. Send an email to to receive a free copy.


Jesus Christ: The Fulfillment of God's Promises by Dr. James R. Edwards, professor at Whitworth University, Spokane, WA.  This 2-DVD set contains ten classes of about 30 minutes each.  Discussion questions are provided.  Edwards explores how Old Testament themes are fulfilled in Christ: Jesus, the Son of God; Jesus, the High Priest; Jesus, the Servant; and Jesus' authority.  Edwards' exegesis of Scripture opens our eyes to the power and love of God in fulfilling his will: "The salvation that we participate in was rooted in the intention of God from the beginning of all time." Send an email to to receive a free copy.