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New Testament


The Gospel of Mark, by Rev. Sue Cyre, Executive Director of Presbyterians for Faith, Family and Ministry.  The series includes discussion questions in each section as the reader observes the text, interprets the text and applies it.
     Chapter 16, Theology Matters, Sep/Oct 1997, p. 14
     Chapter 15, Theology Matters, Jul/Aug 1997,  p. 14
     Chapter 14, Theology Matters, May/Jun 1997, p. 14
     Chapter 13, Theology Matters, Mar/Apr 1997,  p  15     
     Chapter 12, Theology Matters, Jan/Feb 1997, p. 13
     Chapter 11, Theology Matters, Nov/Dec 1996, p.14
     Chapter 10, Theology Matters, Sep/Oct 1996,  p.13
     Chapter 9,   Theology Matters, Jul/Aug 1996,   p. 9
     Chapter 8,   Theology Matters, May/Jun 1996,  p. 10
     Chapter 7,   Theology Matters, Jan/Feb 1996,   p. 10
     Chapter 6,   Theology Matters, Nov/Dec 1995, p. 10
     Chapter 5,   Theology Matters, Sep/Oct, 1995, p. 10
     Chapter 4,   Theology Matters, Jul/Aug 1995,   p. 10
     Chapter 3,   Theology Matters, May/Jun 1995,  p. 10
     Chapter 2,   Theology Matters, Mar/Apr 1995,   p. 10
     Chapter 1,   Theology Matters, Jan/Feb 1995,  p. 8




"My Lord and My God":  The Uniqueness of Jesus in John's Gospel by Terry McGonigal
McGonigal examines: the Uniqueness of Jesus: According to the First Witnesses; God's Incarnation of Grace; God's Incarnation of Truth; THE Guide for the Journey Home, and Thomas' faith and our faith.    Sep/Oct 2002 Theology Matters, p. 1



Battle for the Mind: Tolerance in the Church at Pergamum by Darrell W. Johnson
"The Church is to be an 'inclusive' community in the sense that all are welcome....but the Church is not to be inclusive of all ideas, of all pre-suppositions, of all social and spiritual persuasions.  All of us are welcome, but all of us are then called by the Head of the Church to repent, to change our minds, to submit our thinking to the thinking of Jesus Christ."  Sep/Oct 2002 Theology Matters p. 8

Bible Study of the Book of Revelation by Rev. Dr. Mark Atkinson, currently pastor of Fairview Presbyterian Church, Glenmoore, PA. The study has 11 parts.
     Study 11, Chapters 20-22: The Seen and Unseen World, Theology Matters, Jan/Feb 2003, p. 14
     Study 10, Chapters 17-19: Seven Words of Justice, Theology Matters, Jul/Aug 2002, p. 14
     Study 9, Chapters 14-16:Three Visions of Hope, Theology Matters, May/Jun 2002, p.14
     Study 8, Chapters 12-13: Visions of Cosmic Conflict, Theology Matters, Jan/Feb 2002, p. 14
     Study 7, Chapters 10-12: An Interlude, Theology Matters, Mar/Apr 2001, p. 14
     Study 6, Chapters 8-9: The Trumpets of God Blow a Warning to the World, Theology Matters, Jan/Feb 2001, p. 15
     Study 5, Chapters 6-7: Theology Matters, Sep/Oct 2000, p. 14
     Study 4, Chapters 4-5: Scene 2, The Suffering of the Church, Theology Matters, Mar/Apr 2000, p. 15
     Study 3, The Symbolic Meaning of Biblical Numbers, Theology Matters Jan/Feb 2000, p. 15
     Study 2: The Church in the World: Prologue, Scene 1, Theology Matters, Sep/Oct 1999, p. 13
     Study 1: Introduction, Theology Matters, Jul/Aug 1999, p. 14