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World Council of Churches

The World Council of Churches: Time for Jubilee? by Alan F. H. Wisdom, Director of Presbyterian Action for Faith and Freedom, an arm of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, Washington DC.   Wisdom does a thorough analysis of the World Council of Churches from their Eighth Assembly of the WCC in December, 1998 back to their establishment in 1948.  Wisdom looks at a Noble Vision; A New "Common Understanding and Vision"; Diverted into Political Crusades; Threats to World Peace; Global Poverty; Racial Injustice; Sex Discrimination; Environmental Degradation; Threats to Indigenous Cultures; the Next Political Crusade? Where the Crusades Fail;  Two Opposing Options for Change; The Perils of Macro-Ecumenism; The Promise of Reaffirming Christ; The Responsibility of Presbyterians; Means of Influence.  Nov/Dec 1998 Theology Matters p. 1