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Women in Ministry

Women in the New Testament: A Middle Eastern Cultural View by Kenneth E. Bailey, Presbyterian Professor of New Testament in Egypt, Lebanon, Jerusalem, and Cyprus.  He now lives in New Wilmington, PA.  Bailey examines the positive attitudes toward women in the NT: Jesus had women disciples, women were teachers of theology in the NT, NT affirms the presence of women as deacons/ministers in the early church; the NT has women prophets and a woman apostle, women elders.  He also looks at the negative attitudes towards women.  Jan/Feb 2000 Theology Matters, p. 1  

The Women Prophets of Corinth: A Study of Aspects of 1 Cor. 11:2-16, by Kenneth E. Bailey. Bailey writes, "Within the larger question of the place of women in the New Testament, this passage is of critical importance.  All across church history various voices have found 'regimental colors' or even 'battle cries' in these verses...      Jan/Feb 2000 Theology Matters p. 11,   Reprinted in the Nov/Dec 2012 Theology Matters, p.12