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Ulrich Mauser

The Duties of Love: A Christian Response to Homosexual Behavior, by Jerry Andrews, Susan Cyre, James Edwards, Robert Gagnon, Ulrich Mauser
The authors explain that love demands that we acknowledge and preserve the Truth as it applies to male and female as God's creation; reverence for the life of children; marriage and God's covenant; the love commandment; and sexuality and idolatry.  the authors also explain how the three-fold offices of the church that correspond to Jesus roles of prophet, priest and king, apply to this issue of sexuality.   May/Jun 2005 Theology Matters, p. 1

The Theological Declaration of Barmen Revisited by Ulrich Mauser, retired Princeton Theological seminary NT professor. Mauser does an in depth study of the Barmen as it spoke to its own church and ours. Nov/Dec 2000 Theology Matters, p. 1