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Carol Shanholtzer


How the New Form of Government Would Harm Congregations: A Summary by Elder Carol Shanholtzer.  Shanholtzer demonstrates that this proposed FOG would harm congregations by creating a “centralized, top-down governance, with the session at the bottom of the structure, following instructions from and sending required financial support to the higher governing bodies.”  May/Jun 2010 Theology Matters, p. 15.

Repent, Reform, Overcome: Vote 'NO" on Christian Educator Amendments by Carol Shanholtzer
Shanholtzer critiques the amendments being voted on by the presbyteries regarding Christian Educators.  
Sep/Oct 2002 Theology Matters  p. 13

Vote "NO" on Amendment H by Carol Shanholtzer
Shanholtzer critiques an amendment that would rewrite chapter 14 of the Book of Order.  
Nov/Dec 2001 Theology Matters p. 14