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Ray, Richard A.

John Calvin on Theatrical Trifles in Worship by Richard A. Ray The late Middle Ages held a raging ferment of opinion concerning one’s search for the knowledge of God, the means of grace, and the experience of the holy. Theology Matters Summer 2019 Pg. 1

When Theology Burns by Richard A. Ray
So here is the dare. An historical text unknown to you in the past lies within reach. You pick it up, begin to read it, plug it into your brain, and jolts from the literary lithium-ion battery begin to do some strange things within your mind and your social world. It is the gift of an electric intellectual arch. You walk beneath it into a different world. You complete your reading, begin again, and more curious possibilities come to your attention. One thing becomes completely clear in the process. Christianity has always been mesmerized by words. Winter 2018 Pg. 1, Theology Matters