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Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards in 2003 by Stephen D. Crocco
Crocco gives a brief introduction to the articles in this issue of Theology Matters on the 300th anniversary of the birth of Jonathan Edwards, a Presbyterian minister and perhaps the greatest thinker in the American colonial period.    Nov/Dec 2003 Theology Matters  p. 1

Edwards's Lessons on the Revival of the Church by Charles E. Hambrick-Stowe
Some of the lessons that Hambrick-Stowe explores are: Persistence, Humility, Piety, Theology matters, and Renewal is about holiness.    Nov/Dec 2003 Theology Matters     p. 2

Jonathan Edwards on the Experience of Beauty by Louis J. Mitchell
"For Edwards, to experience God's Holy Spirit is to experience Beauty, itself; and all worldly beauties, as rapturous as they may be, are but inferior shadows of that Beauty."  Mitchell looks at Beauty Defined, Beauty of Love, and Beauty Displayed in Edwards's writings,  Nov/Dec 2003 Theology Matters     p. 6

Jonathan Edwards Responds to Deism by Gerald R. McDermott
"Edwards expended considerable effort wrestling with the deist claim that reason alone can show humanity the most basic religious truths.  Edwards agreed that reason alone can teach a considerable range of religious truth, but only when connected rightly to the heart that is open to the beauty of God."  Reason alone was never able to show how sinful humans could be reconciled to their Creator.   Nov/Dec 2003 Theology Matters     p. 9

Jonathan Edwards in Modernity: A Review Essay by Mark Valeri
Valeri reviews books published 1998-2003 on Jonathan Edwards and concludes, "The current cultural agenda raises questions about Christianity and non-Christian discourses, religious truth claims in a pluralist society, and the meaning of even the most basic Reformed beliefs.  Edwards's conversation with Enlightened interlocutors is strikingly contemporary in such terms."  Nov/Dec 2003 Theology Matters      p. 12