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Intelligent Design/Evolution

The Wedge in Evolutionary Ideology: Its History, Strategy, and Agenda by Phillip E. Johnson, PCUSA elder, law professor and author of numerous books and articles on intelligent design. Johnson discusses the background of the Wedge [now known as Intelligent Design] movement; The Two Models of "Science"; Two Examples form the National Academy of Sciences; The Right Question; The Wedge Strategy; The Future. Mar/Apr 1999 Theology Matters p. 1

Admitting Design Into Science by William A. Dembski.  Dembski has a Ph.D. in mathematics and philosophy in addition to an M.Div from Princeton Theological Seminary.  He is author of numerous books and articles on Intelligent Design. After giving background to the Intelligent Design movement, Dembski looks at the Complexity-Specification Criterion that points to an Intelligent Designer.  he asks Why the Criterion Works and its Application to Biology and then concludes by answering, "So What?"  Mar/Apr 1999 Theology Matters p.7.