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Edwin G. Hurley

How the Reformation Shapes our Life Together by Edwin Hurley

Last Spring I was planting vegetables and noticed printed on the plastic wrapper around one tomato plant the slogan, “Deep roots produce abundant fruits.” As I reflected on this claim, I thought about how this applies to my own understanding of ministry and how it shapes the life of the church I serve. I thought about the deep roots of our Reformation heritage and how grateful we should be for this heritage, how it has shaped us in the past, continues to bear fruit in the present, and gives us reason to look ahead in hope to future harvests. Fall 2017 Theology Matters, p. 12

Preparing for the Coming of Jesus Christ: Advent Daily Scripture Readings and Reflections from the Writings of John Calvin compiled and edited by Rev. Edwin Gray Hurley.  This article contains Daily Scripture Readings from the Common Christian Lectionary together with selections from the writings of John Calvin. "The Institutes, from which most of our Advent Reflections are drawn, is a superb comprehensive statement of classical orthodox Christianity"   Sep/Oct 2009 Theology Matters,  p. 1