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Donna Hailson

Cooking Up Gotterdamerung: Radical Feminist Worship Substitutes Self for God by Donna F. G. Hailson and Karelynne Gerber. Hailson and Gerber quote radical feminist Naomi Goldenberg who wrote, "Jesus, cannot symbolize the liberation of women [because] a culture that maintains a masculine image for its highest divinity cannot allow its women to experience themselves as the equals of its men.  In order to develop a theology of women's liberation, feminists have to leave Christ and Bible behind them."  The purpose of this article is to show "how radical spiritual feminist practices diverge from Bible-honoring worship, ritual and prayer."  Hailson and Gerber look at Biblical worship of the Triune God; Radical Feminist Worship of Self; Examples of Radical Feminist Worship."  Jul/Aug 1998 Theology Matters p. 1