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Bush, Michael D,

Is the Reformation Ever Finished? by the Rev. Michael D. Bush, PhD., pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Athens, Alabama, and a member of the Theology Matters Board of Directors.

Bush seeks to discover the original meaning of the popular phrase ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda—best translated as “a Reformed church, always needing to be reformed.” This phrase, often touted as “the motto of the Reformation” and presented as a distillation of John Calvin’s thought, has been used to justify a program of continuous change in the doctrines and practices of the church. That meaning, however, is not what Bush finds in the historical record. Spring 2016 Theology Matters p. 11

Surveying Presbyterian Beliefs “Theological Reflection” and Reformed Theology by Rev. Michael D. Bush, PhD

Recently the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) released the results of a Presbyterian Panel survey entitled “Theological Reflection.” It describes the views of members and ministers in three areas: Interreligious issues, understanding and affirmation of the Presbyterian theological tradition, and certain matters related to vocation and worship. In this article we focus on the second set of issues, the theological concepts and themes. For those who care about the tradition of Presbyterian and Reformed Christianity, there is some good news in these data, along with evidence of considerable misinformation and confusion. Winter 2017 Theology Matters, p. 8