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Craig Barnes

Doubtful Disciples by Dr. M. Craig Barnes, Senior Pastor of the National Presbyterian Church and author of numerous books and articles. This is a reprint of a sermon delivered on May 23, 1999.  The text is Matthew 28:16-20.  Barnes writes, "he point of having faith is not to pretend you are certain.  The point of faith is that it allows you to keep worshiping in spite of your doubts."   Jul/Aug 1999 Theology Matters, p. 7

 Losing the Life of Our Dreams: A Christian View of Suffering by Dr. M. Craig Barnes, Senior Pastor of National Presbyterian church, Washington, DC. He is the author of Yearning: Living Between How It Is and How It Ought to Be; and When God Interrupts: Finding New Life through Unwanted Change.  Barnes observes that "suffering is a part of our lives" and yet we almost believe we have a "RIGHT, to live without this suffering because it is preventing us from being whole."  Barnes looks at Created Limitations; Rehearsing Identity; the Use for Suffering; and the Choice.  Jul/Aug 1996 Theology Matters p. 1