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Steven D. Aguzzi

Suffering Redeemed: A Reformed Argument Against Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia by Rev. Steven D. Aguzzi, Ph.D. candidate, is associate pastor at Mt. Lebanon United Presbyterian Church and instructor of theology at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.   Aguzzi argues that "whereas Jesus worked to alleviate suffering, there was a kind of suffering which he modeled as a way of approaching death for those who were to follow him, this involves a lifestyle consistent with the surrendering of one's death to the will of God for the sake of a higher purpose."  Aguzzi looks at Catholic and Reformed teaching on the meaning of suffering. He then examines the PCUSA 1981 document, "The Nature and Value of Human Life."  Aguzzi concludes by looking at the "Redeemed Nature of Suffering and the Reintegration of Discipleship and Witness in the Reformed Tradition by examining Paul's writing in Scripture and Calvin's view of discipleship.  "According to Calvin, it is not the hastening of death that brings healing, but God, who '...confronts us and subjects and restrains our unrestrained flesh with the remedy of the cross.'"  Mar/Apr 2011 Theology Matters,  p. 1