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World Religions

The World At Our Door: Understanding Key World Religions Around Us by Dr. Randall Otto, p. 1-- 
Otto helps readers understand the beliefs of  Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam in order to effectively share the Gospel with people of those religions. Jan/Feb 2008  Theology Matters p. 1      References for article

The Spirit and The Trinity: A Christian Perspective of Interreligious Worship by Tim Janiszewski
The interreligious worship phenomenon prompts many questions and issues for the church.  Janiszewski responds to the premises that "the Spirit is alleged to be involved, actively, positively, and supportively in non-Christian worship and life.  The Spirit is said to be capable of indwelling non-Christian worship as well as Christian worship.  The Divine Presence animates non-Christian worship experiences in order to create communion with God as each world religion conceives of the Religious Ultimate in its own way."   Nov/Dec 2002 Theology Matters p. 1