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Battle for the Mind: Tolerance in the Church at Pergamum by Darrell W. Johnson
"The Church is to be an 'inclusive' community in the sense that all are welcome....but the Church is not to be inclusive of all ideas, of all pre-suppositions, of all social and spiritual persuasions.  All of us are welcome, but all of us are then called by the Head of the Church to repent, to change our minds, to submit our thinking to the thinking of Jesus Christ."  Sep/Oct 2002 Theology Matters, p. 8

From Father God to Mother Earth: The Effect of Deconstructing Christian Faith on Sexuality by Berit Kjos, author of several books including Brave New Schools, Your Child and the New Age, Under the Spell of Mother Earth and A Twist of Faith. Kjos writes, "This spiritual movement demands new deities or a rethinking of the old ones.  The transformation starts with self, some say, and women can't re-invent themselves until they shed the old shackles.  So the search for a 'more relevant' religion requires new visions of God: images that trade holiness for tolerance, the heavenly for the earthly, and the God who is above us for a god who is us."  Kjos examines the Masks of the Feminine Gods; Gateways to the Goddess, the Paradigm Shift; Sex and Feminist Spirituality; Unholy Tolerance; The Nature of Temptation; and From Tolerance to Truth.  Sep/Oct 1997 Theology Matters p. 1

Why We Believe in Heresy by Thomas C. Oden, Professor of theology and Ethics at Drew University.  He is the author of numerous books.  This article is reprinted by permission from Christianity Today, March 4, 1996.  Oden writes, "God allows heresies to challenge the church in order to bring us to a fuller understanding of the truth."  He concludes, "Some think that specifying boundaries at all will be tainted by hubris and splattered with blood.  The apostolic Faith has learned under the guidance of the Spirit that when the boundaries are accurately stated. conflict and hubris are tamed and purified."  Mar/Apr 1996 Theology Matters p. 15