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John Thompson

Night at the Museum: The Secret Life of an Old Confession   by John L. Thompson, Professor of Historical Theology and Gaylen and Susan Byker Professor of Reformed Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary.   Thompson urges us not to place the Westminster Confession of Faith in a museum where although valuable, it is seldom visited.  Instead, he draws us back to the wonder and strength of the Confession.   He looks at: Soli Deo Gloria; what it means to Enjoy God;, Covenant; holiness.  He challenges us to reflect that museums can also be a place where we "ponder and reflect on things past, present, and future..."  They can be places where we "find a quiet place where we keep things too important to forget or discard--things that we preserve and publicize precisely because we believe that by doing so, we shape ourselves and keep these memories alive and active for the generations to come." Nov/Dec 2010 Theology Matters,  p. 1

Seeking A Correctable Conscience by John L. Thompson
Had things gone differently for Luther at the Diet of Worms—where he was on trial before representatives of Pope Leo X and Emperor Charles V—these might have been his famous last words: “I cannot do otherwise; here I stand. May God help me. Amen.” Summer 2017 Theology Matters. p. 9