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Theology Matters Jan/Feb - Nov/Dec 2008

The Pastoral Dilemma, by Dr. Thomas Gillespie, p. 1-- 
Gillespie reminds Christians that the homosexual debate is not about an "issue" but real people with faces and names.  He calls the church to pastorally reach out to those experiencing homosexual attraction with the transforming hope of the Gospel.

Offended: How My Family Offended and Brought Me Back to Christ, by Mr. Mike Goeke, p.3--
Goeke shares his personal witness of leaving his wife for a homosexual life.  His wife, friends and parents would not accept his decision and persisted in reaching out to him with love and truth.  Goeke says, "Thank you, dear friends, for your offense to me.  "At the time, the Truth you shared was the aroma of death to me (2 Cor 2:15) but today it is the sweet fragrance of life."

Change in Homoerotic Behavior and Feelings is Possible, by Dr. Christopher Rosik, p.4--  
Rosik, shares the latest research on the gay gene theory--at best there is a weak correlation between genes and behavior.

Ordination of Sexually Active Gay Men and Lesbians, by Dr. Christopher Rosik, p.6--
Rosik asks important questions about behavior --how do we treat bisexuals? what about those who do not say they were born with a disposition to homosexuality, but willingly chose it and what about transgendered individuals who are born as one biological sex but chose to live as the opposite one?

Jesus Christ, Scripture and the Confessions, by Dr. James R. Edwards, p.8---
Edwards rejects the theology of Amendment B that attempts to create a hierarchy with Christ at the top, separated from Scripture, followed by Scripture and then Confessions only in so far as they agree with this imagined Christ.  

Guidelines for Communal Discernment: A Critique, by Mrs. Viola Larson, p10--
Larson demonstrates how manipulative discernment processes as described in the PCUSA booklet, "Guidelines for communal Discernment" can be.  Larson shows that by substituting discernment processes for parliamentary process in decision-making important rights can be lost.

The Protracted Struggle as a Spiritual Discipline, by Dr. James R. Edwards, p. 13--
Bible study of Matthew 16--Peter's confession at Caesarea Philippi as it applies to the church today.

The Reformation of the Church, by Rev. Faith Jongewaard, p.15--
Jongewaard examines Hosea's commitment to Gomer because of his commitment to God. Jongewaard compares Hosea's faithfulness to an unfaithful wife to our faithful commitment to the PCUSA.


The Theology In the Liturgy, by Dr. Simon Chan, p.1--
Chan writes, "Worship is essentially the response to the revelation of the triune God; it cannot be constructed arbitrarily, but must be shaped by the giveness of revelation." Chan discusses how Trinitarian theology is reflected in the liturgy and how liturgy helps us understand the triune God.

The Reformation Marks of the Church, by Dr. Jerry Andrews, p.8--
Andrews examines the Reformation marks of: the Gospel rightly preached, the sacraments rightly administered and discipline as seen through the eyes of Zwingli, Calvin, and Knox.

A Critique of the 218th GA Proposed Replacement of G-6.0106b by Rev. James Tony, p. 12, --
Tony compares the proposed Amendment B to the current ordination standards at G-.60106b sentence by sentence.

The Danger of Losing "fidelity" in G-6.0106b, by Dr. Paul Leggett, p. 14, --
Leggett looks at some major problems in the proposed amendment: an unexamined pledge; radical change in authority; undefined Jesus.

The Reformation of the Church, by Rev. Sue Cyre, p.16--
Cyre begins a series on practical steps that must be taken to reform the church.  This article looks at the turmoil in the church caused by false teachers in 1 Peter.  Reference is also made to Calvin's commentary on 1 Peter. 


The Family of God and Healing Same-Sex Attraction, by Kristin Johnson Tremba, M.Div.-- 
Tremba helps the church to understand same-gender desires and how it can better minister to those caught in the sexual confusion of our time.  Mrs. Tremba is executive director of OneByOne ministry. p. 1


Altering the Covenant: A Critique of the Proposed New Form of Government, the Presbyterian Coalition, p. 1 --
the articles identifies some of the serious problems that this proposed replacement of the G-section in the Book of Order would cause.

Summary: Some Questions and Observations, Presbyterian Coalition, p 13--
This article is a summary of the the Coalition's concerns with the proposed new Form of Government.

Women's Ordination: Are We in Trouble?, Mrs. Sylvia Dooling, p. 14--
Dooling demonstrates that wording in the proposed FOG may diminish the inclusiveness requirements for women.

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts, by Rev. Dr. Robert Dooling, p15--
Dooling argues that the Foundations Section in the proposed new Form of Government would create a super-section with greater authority than the rest of the Form of Government.


The World At Our Door: Understanding Key World Religions Around Us by Dr. Randall Otto, p. 1-- 
Otto helps readers understand the beliefs of  Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam in order to effectively share the Gospel with people of those religions.