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Terry Schlossberg

19-week study guide of The Confessions of St. Augustine by Terry Schlossberg.   Mar/Apr 2014 Theology Matters, p. 6

Lessons from Nehemiah on Wall-Building, by Mrs. Terry Schlossberg--
Schlossberg studies the prophet Nehemiah who faced the insurmountable task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem from the rubble.  There are applicable lessons for those seeking to renew the PCUSA that appears now in rubble.  p. 10 Jan/Feb 2009  Theology Matters

The Duties of Love: A Christian Response to Abortion by Terry Schlossberg
Schlossberg compares Joseph Fletcher's situation ethic that says morality is based on love without law to the Christian faith's understanding that we can only know love as it is rooted in the law.  "Abortion, like situation ethics, is opposed to the Christian view of love."  May/Jun 2005 Theology Matters p. 10

Reform from Within by Terry Schlossberg
In this talk given at the Presbyterian Coalition Gathering, Schlossberg calls evangelicals to love those they seek to change, understand their calling in difficult times, rely on Scripture, have a realistic understanding of the current situation in the church.  She gives some specific areas that need reform.   Jan/Feb 2004 Theology Matters, p. 6

Christian Doctrine and Human Life by Terry Schlossberg
Schlossberg looks at doctrines of Creation, Redemption, the Church, Forgiveness of Sins, the Resurrection and how they speak to our care for unborn children.  May/Jun 2003 Theology Matters p. 1

Repent, Remember, Overcome: A Proposal to Renew the Church by Susan Cyre and Terry Schlossberg
Beginning with this article, this series of articles argues that the confrontation between the church an the prevailing spirit of the age is basic to the church's mission and that the current conflict has historical precedent throughout Scripture. The authors start a discussion of effective steps to be taken to begin to reform and renew the church.  Sep/Oct 2001 Theology Matters p. 14

Changing the Vision of Heaven: Abortion and Relative Truth by Terry Schlossberg, Executive Director of Presbyterians Pro-Life
Schlossberg looks at the Conflict of Truths; Truth and Faith; Truth and Ethics; Central Teachings of Scripture on Creation, Sin, and Redemption All Relate to Abortion, and Serve as a Fixed Standard for Decisions About Life; Truth and Caring, May/Jun 1999 Theology Matters   p.6

Changing the Vision of Heaven: Abortion and Relative Truth by Terry Schlossberg, Executive Director of Presbyterians pro-Life and co-author of Not My Own: Abortion and the Marks of the Church.  Schlossberg paraphrases G. K. Chesterton who wrote that in continually changing the standard we leave the circumstances unchanged and thereby fail to make any progress.  Chesterton wrote,  "As long as the vision of heaven is always changing, the vision of earth will be exactly the same."   Schlossberg examines: the conflict of truths; truth and faith; truth and ethics and truth and caring.  May/Jun 1996 Theology Matters p. 1