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Significant Revisions of Chapter 14 of the Book of Order by the Presbyterian Coalition, p. 14.  An analysis of proposed changes to the Book of Order.  Jan/Feb 2007 Theology Matters, p. 14

The Limits of Scrupling and the Adoption Act of 1729: the PUP Task Force's Historical Problem by Toby Brown
Brown explains the historical precedent of the scrupling that occurred in the church in 1729 as it is misapplied to PUP.  Historically, "Scrupling was only allowed on article that were 'not essential."  Nov/Dec 2005 Theology Matters  p.13

The Strange Legacy of the Auburn Affirmation by Paul Leggett
The Auburn Affirmation with the five fundamentals was drafted in Auburn,, NY in 1924 in response to the 1923 General Assembly of the northern Presbyterian Church. Nov/Dec 2005 Theology Matters  p. 14

The Stewardship of Selecting General Assembly Commissioners by Bob Davis
Davis calls Presbyterians to accept their covenant responsibility of electing leaders.  He examines Scripture, the Book of Confessions and the Book of Order.  He gives specific steps to follow in accepting covenant responsibility for identifying leaders.  Jan/Feb 2004 Theology Matters, p.12