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Mark Patterson

Nein! A Response to Progressives by Mark R. Patterson, p. 1--  Patterson contrasts progressive, liberal theology with historic Christian faith.  This is a primer that will help people understand the issues and conflict in the church today. Mar/Apr 2007 Theology Matters p. 1

Addressed By The Word: Theology, Ethics and Abortion by Mark R. Patterson
"Theology and ethics are inextricably bound...ultimate conclusions in either theology or ethics profoundly determine the shape of the other."  Patterson explains how "enlightenment rationalism and postmodern subjectivism" have influenced our conclusions about abortion and homosexual behavior.   May/Jun 2002 Theology Matters p.1

Why Church Leaders Should Study Theology by Mark Patterson
In order to lead any organization one must clearly, accurately, and firmly perceive two realities. The first is what the organization exists to accomplish. The second is how well the organization is fulfilling this purpose. Where either (or worse, both) of these ceases to provide guidance and influence, the organization will inevitably become directionless, purposeless, and irrelevant. Fall 2016 Theology Matters, p.6