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Charles Partee

Invitation to a Pillar Fight by Charles Partee
Preamble: Beyond the blue horizon an even-keeled professorship goes into dry dock claiming that (1) doctrine unites, (2) reason divides, and (3) bondage frees. Winter 2019 Theology Matters, Pg. 1

A Name is Not a Metaphor: A Response to "The Trinity: God's Love Overflowing" by Andrew Purves and Charles Partee
Purves and Partee critique the paper on the Trinity being submitted to the 2006 General Assembly for action that suggested calling God, among other names, the "ark, rainbow and dove".  While the article is referencing the paper, the errors in the paper are common errors in the Church today.  The critique applies to more than just this one paper. Does God's name flow from our experience or does he reveal his name and therefore his nature.  Mar/Apr 2006 Theology Matters p. 1