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Randall Otto


"The Threefold Significance of Baptism" by Rev. Dr. Randall Otto. 
Otto examines the meaning of baptism as a sacrament of salvation, as a sacrament of sanctification, and as a sacrament of service.   Quoting extensively from Scripture and the Confessions, Otto shows that baptism is a "sign and seal" of "ingrafting into Christ, of regeneration, of remission of sins."   It is a witness of our ongoing need for repentance.  "Salvation and sanctification are not ends in themselves, but the means by which those who have been born of God and empowered by his Spirit live in the worship and service of the Lord."  Sep/Oct 2013 Theology Matters, p. 1

The World At Our Door: Understanding Key World Religions Around Us by Dr. Randall Otto, p. 1-- 
Otto helps readers understand the beliefs of  Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam in order to effectively share the Gospel with people of those religions. Jan/Feb 2008  Theology Matters p. 1      References for article

Baptism and the Munus Triplex, by Randall Otto, p. 13.  Otto teaches how Christians participate in the munus triplex or the threefold office of Christ--prophet, priest and king--through baptism.  Baptism is identification with and submission to God's Word: The calling of a prophet. Baptism signifies anointing with God's Spirit: the calling of a priest. Baptism signifies confirmation as God's Son: the calling of a king.  Sep/Oct 2007 Theology Matters p. 13

Guided by Our Confessions by Dr. Randall Otto
This is a study of the key tenets of the Reformed confessions for the purpose of training officers of the church.  There are 11 sections, making it ideal for an ongoing study at the beginning of monthly session or deacon meetings.  Alternatively, the entire study could be done in the course of a larger workshop on training officers. Sep/Oct 2005 Theology Matters, p. 1

A Map for the Maze: Finding Your Way Through Contemporary Theology (A Guide for PNCs) by Randall Otto.  Dr. Otto is a PCUSA pastor with a Ph.D. in historical and theological studies.  Otto gives a map through the maze of contemporary theologies by contrasting them with the immanence and transcendence of God. "In his transcendence, God is eternally existent, self-sufficient and stands beyond creation. ... In his immanence, God graciously creates and upholds a world  with which to share his goodness and love..."  "Christian theology must always seek the proper balance between these tow poles or it will go astray."   Otto looks at, the revolt against immanence in Neo-Orthodoxy; the transcendence of the future--the theology of hope and political theology; transcendence with a story--Narrative Theology; immanence in experience of oppression--Liberation, Black and Feminist theologies; and the deepening of immanence--Process Theology and Openness Theology.  May/Jun 2001 Theology Matters p. 1

Do Fences Make Good Neighbors? Getting to Know Who's Who in CUiC by Dr. Randall Otto, pastor of Deerfield Presbyterian Church, NJ.  Otto looks at the churches that are a part of CUiC, their background and their beliefs. Nov/Dec 1999 Theology Matters, p. 8.

The Problem With Marcion: A Second-Century Heresy Continues To Infect the Church by Randall E. Otto, Ph. D., is senior pastor of Deerfield Presbyterian Church in Deerfield, NJ.  Otto argues that the heresy of Marcion that was espoused in the second century continues to be promoted by some people today.  In the second century Tertullian wrote against Marcion's teachings about God, "A better god has been discovered, who never takes offense, is never angry, never inflicts punishment, who has prepared no fire in hell, no gnashing of teeth in the outer darkness! He is purely and simply good."  Otto writes, "Marcion believed that the message of the gospel and the New Testament was simply love and grace, that there was no law or wrath in the God of Jesus Christ." Otto examines Marcion's View of God; Marcion's View of Salvation; and Marcion's View of Scripture. Sep/Oct 1998 Theology Matters, p. 1