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Dennis Okholm

Reformed Ecclesiology: The Community of Christ, by Dr. Dennis Okholm ---  
Okholm studies the nature of the church: where it is found, what about schism, the mission of the church. p. 1  Jan/Feb 2009 Theology Matters

What's So Important About the Trinity by Dennis Okholm, p. 1 -- Okholm teaches about the doctrine of the Trinity: experiencing God as three persons; from worship to doctrine; on to the Nicene Creed; life in the Trinity.  May/Jun 2007 Theology Matters p. 1

More Than One Way? Affirming the Uniqueness of Christ's Person and Work in a Pluralistic Culture by Dennis Okholm
Okholm, who was a professor of religion at Wheaton College and is now at Azuza Pacific, posits the uniqueness of Christ against the claims of pluralism.  He addresses: why pluralism now; the practice of pluralism, defining pluralism, responding to pluralism, what's wrong with pluralism? and asserting the 'scandal of particularity'.  Jan/Feb 2002 Theology Matters  p. 6

 Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore, Toto! Postmodernism in Our Everyday Lives by Dr. Dennis L. Okholm, Professor of Theology at Wheaton College.  Okholm explains "postmodernism" and it's impact on the church.  He examines: The 'Modern' in Postmodernism; the 'Post' in Postmodernism; Crucial Characteristics of Postmodernism in Everyday Life--the rejection of a 'master narrative', the authority of the self, the power of language, the construction of reality, the priority of images, the importance of management and therapy; What Should the Church's response Be When It's Blown out of Kansas?   Jul/Aug 1999 Theology Matters, p. 1