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NCD Messianic Jewish Congregations

New Church Development in a Pluralistic World: Messianic Jewish Congregations by H. Stanley Wood, Director of the Center for New Church Development, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA.
How do cultural aspects of our predominantly Gentile Church reach out to those that are different from us, namely the Jewish people? Jul/Aug 2001 Theology Matters p.1

Jewish Ministry by Andrew Sparks, a Jewish believer in Jesus who serves as the Executive Director of Messiah Now Ministries.
Sparks looks at Jewish Ministry in Context--a modern Messianic Identity and practice; Ancient Messianic Jews and Legal identity, a Messianic model of ethics, Messianic faith in tension, Judaism in Crisis; Jewish-Christian polemic in the Middle Ages and in the modern period and Jewish Ministry in the First and Twenty-first centuries. July/Aug 2001 Theology Matters p. 4