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The Crucifixion of Ministry by Andrew Purves
Purves challenges readers saying, "The first and central question in thinking about ministry is this: What is Jesus up to? That leads to the second question: How do we get 'in' on Jesus' ministry, on what he's up to?  The issue is not: How does Jesus get 'in' on our ministries?"   Nov/Dec 2006 Theology Matters  p. 1

The Missional Church by Alan J. Roxburgh
Roxburgh, who is one of the authors of Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America, explains the characteristics and meaning of a missional church. Roxburgh argues that the "missional church conversation challenges some of the most basic assumptions we have about the nature and purpose of the church."   Sep/Oct 2004 Theology Matters  p. 1

Can the Church be Converted? How 'Missional' Came to College Hill Presbygterian Church by Stephen Eyre
Eyre explains the step-by-step process that College Hill Presbyterian Church followed as they sought to become a missional church.  Sep/Oct 2004 Theology Matters, p. 6

The Initial Steps of Transformation by Valerie Hershberger
Hershberger follows the details from the session's exploration into missional church to the teams set-up and the discussions held to share and then implement the vision at College Hill Presbyterian.  Sep/Oct 2004 Theology Matters  p. 11

Reprint: If I Were a Church School Teacher Again, by Bruce M. Metzger (1914–2007), America’s greatest biblical scholar, who served as a Sunday School Superintendent early in his career and cared deeply about making disciples. Winter 2017 Theology Matters p.16