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Bruce Metzger

"The Formation of the New Testament Canon" by Bruce Metzger
How was the canon of Scripture formed?   Why were these 39 Old Testament books and 27 New Testament books included in the canon instead of  others?  These may seem like abstruse historical questions, but they are a challenge that Christian hear regularly. Authors in the Jan/Feb issue of Theology Matters carefully follow the history of how the canon was formed.  No council determined the canon and imposed it on the church.  Rather, councils acknowledged the books already being used widely in worship.  Jan/Feb 2014 Theology Matters, p. 10

If I Were a Church School Teacher Again by Bruce M. Metzger
Observation reveals that religious instruction is still very much a matter of conveying religious facts, and that this concern with religious knowledge is a Protestant characteristic. If I were a church school teacher again, I would seek constantly to emphasize the importance of Christian duties. Winter 2017 Theology Matters, p. 16