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Gilbert Meilaender

I Want to Burden My Loved Ones by Gilbert Meilaender, reprinted from First Things Journal, March 2010, No. 201, p. 25-26. Having attended conferences on "advance directives," Meilaender has observed a common theme of people wanting to avoid being a burden to their children as they approach the end of their lives.  So,Meilaender examines this fear head-on.  He observes that being a burden to others is part of our claim upon each other. The question that caregivers must answer as they face the end of life of a loved one is not, "What would he have wanted?" but rather, "What can we do to benefit the life he still has?"  Mar/Apr 2011 Theology Matters, p. 12

Bioethics: A Primer for Christians, "Suicide and Euthanasia" by Gilbert Meilaender, reprinted with permission from Bioethics: A Primer for Christians (Eerdmans, 1996), pp 57-67.   Regarding suicide, Meilaender writes, "Christians to not approach this issue by first thinking in terms of a 'right to life' or a 'right to die with dignity.' That is to say, we do not start with the language of independence." May/Jun 1997 Theology Matters    p. 11