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Paul Leggett

The Danger of Losing "fidelity" in G-6.0106b, by Dr. Paul Leggett, p. 14, --
Leggett looks at some major problems in the proposed amendment: an unexamined pledge; radical change in authority; undefined Jesus.  Sep/Oct 2008 Theology Matters, p. 14

The Strange Legacy of the Auburn Affirmation by Paul Leggett
The Auburn Affirmation with the five fundamentals was drafted in Auburn,, NY in 1924 in response to the 1923 General Assembly of the northern Presbyterian Church. Nov/Dec 2005 Theology Matters  p. 14

The Gift of Discipline by Paul Leggett
Leggett looks at the role of discipline in the life of the church.  He examines the basic biblical doctrines and then considers how discipline 'rightly ministered' could help bring health and strength back into Christian denominations including the PCUSA. Jul/Aug 2002 Theology Matters p. 7

Churches Uniting in Christ (CUiC): Selling Our Birthright by Dr. Paul Leggett, pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church, Montclair, NJ and author of numerous articles.   Leggett critiques the CUiC proposal being voted on by presbyteries in 1999-2000. Nov/Dec 1999 Theology Matters, p. 1

Amendment A: Where Are We Headed?  by Paul Leggett, Ph.D. pastor in NJ. Leggett writes a critique of Amendment A that would replace G-6.0106b and allow the ordination of those practicing homosexual behavior. Sep/Oct 1997 Theology Matters p. 10

Gothic Films: What They Tell Us by Paul Leggett, Ph.D.   Leggett writes, "One of the few signs of the continuing impact of the Word of God on our secular, post-modern, and now increasingly pagan world, may be found in our century's enduring fascination with the classic horror film....Prominent evangelicals of this period...were clearly going against the tide with their orthodox views of sin and salvation by grace alone. Yet this was the same worldview reflected in these Gothic novels." Mar/Apr 1997 Theology Matters p. 11

The Church of Christ Uniting (COCU): An Analysis of the Theological Issues by Dr. Paul Leggett, PCUSA pastor in NJ.  According to COCU "the Scriptures have only a relative authority." Personal experience becomes authoritative and "Christian faith becomes a vague notion of 'spirituality.'"  "In effect, COCU is saying, theology does not matter, unity does matter."  Nov/Dec 1996 Theology Matters, p. 5