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Viola Larson

The Belhar Confession: A Failure to Confess Jesus Christ” by Viola Larson, elder, and Board member of Voices of Orthodox Women and Presbyterians for Faith, Family and Ministry.  
Larson explains why the Church should not add the Belhar Confession to its Book of Confessions: it has an inadequate witness to the Lordship of Christ; its emphasis on unity could be used to support a homosexual advocacy agenda; it has been used by some to label Israel as racist; and it may be used to deny the uniqueness of Christ and promote pluralism.  May/Jun 2010 Theology Matters, p. 12.  Footnotes

A Review of "What is Missional Ecclesiology?" by  Mrs. Viola Larson--
The paper "what is Missional Ecclesiology" by Paul Hooker explains the foundational principles of the proposed new Form of Government.  Hooker is on the new FOG Task Force.  Larson critiques Hooker's vision of the church.  p. 6
Jan/Feb 2009 Theology Matters

Guidelines for Communal Discernment: A Critique, by Mrs. Viola Larson --
Larson demonstrates how manipulative discernment processes as described in the PCUSA booklet, "Guidelines for communal Discernment" can be.  Larson shows that by substituting discernment processes for parliamentary process in decision-making important rights can be lost.   
Nov/Dec 2008  p. 10

John Calvin On the Sacraments: A Summary by Viola Larson, p. 1-- Larson summarizes Calvin's understanding of Baptism and the Lord's Supper from his Institutes of the Christian Religion,  Book 4, chapters 14-17   Sep/Oct 2007 Theology Matters p. 1

"The Trinity: God's Love Overflowing" A Critique by Viola Larson
Larson too critiques the Trinity paper going to the 2006 GA.  Do we name God based on our experience of God or does he reveal his name and nature to us? 
Mar/Apr 2006 Theology Matters p. 13