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Female Language for God

Exchanging God for "No Gods": A Discussion of Female Language for God by Elizabeth Achtemeier
Achetemier explains that God has revealed himself using masculine language.  When people use female names for God, it  leads to pantheism in which creation is divine; it leads to a rejection of the triune God; and it de-personalizes God.  May/Jun  2006 Theology Matters p. 1

The God Who Likes HIs Name: Holy Trinity, Feminism, and the Language of Faith, by Alvin F. Kimel, Jr.
Kimel explains the grammer of the Triune Name--God has revealed his name to us and he has a history.  May/Jun 2006 Theology Matters p. 8

Orphaned Children Sing Lonely Songs: Why We're Losing the Person of the Father by Gerrit Dawson
Dawson describe the impact of inclusive God language on the faith of the church. He looks at: the Pastoral Impulse to Remove The Father; Radical Feminism, the Father and Abortion, the Father and Homosexuality.  Then Dawson explains how we can recover our understanding of the Father: the Biblical Record and the Patristic Witness.   Dawson writes, "We must never let the Father be taken away from his children.  At the worst, then, participating in the diminishment of the Father is to join those who rage out of woundedness that has hardened into rebellion.  It is to prefer our ideas to what has been revealed.  It is to choose our way of coping over against God's way of healing."   Mar/Apr 2003 Theology Matters  p. 1

From Father God to Mother Earth: The Effect of Deconstructing Christian Faith on Sexuality by Berit Kjos, author of several books including Brave New Schools, Your Child and the New Age, Under the Spell of Mother Earth and A Twist of Faith. Kjos writes, "This spiritual movement demands new deities or a rethinking of the old ones.  The transformation starts with self, some say, and women can't re-invent themselves until they shed the old shackles.  So the search for a 'more relevant' religion requires new visions of God: images that trade holiness for tolerance, the heavenly for the earthly, and the God who is above us for a god who is us."  Kjos examines the Masks of the Feminine Gods; Gateways to the Goddess, the Paradigm Shift; Sex and Feminist Spirituality; Unholy Tolerance; The Nature of Temptation; and From Tolerance to Truth.  Sep/Oct 1997 Theology Matters p. 1