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Stephen Eyre

Can the Church be Converted? How 'Missional' Came to College Hill Presbygterian Church by Stephen Eyre
Eyre explains the step-by-step process that College Hill Presbyterian Church followed as they sought to become a missional church.  Sep/Oct 2004 Theology Matters, p. 6

A Consideration of the Proposed Contemporary Version of the Nicene Creed by Stephen Eyre, pastor at College Hill Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, OH and author of numerous books and articles. Presbyteries were asked to vote on whether to replace the traditional wording of the Nicene Creed in the Book of Confessions with the Contemporary Version.  Eyre did an analysis of the changes and their implications.  Sep/Oct 1998 Theology Matters p. 9

An Analysis of the First Catechism by Rev. Stephen Eyre. Eyre critiques the proposed First Catechism for use in teaching children the faith of the church. Eyre concludes, "The First Catechism articulates a biblically defective understanding of sin.  It makes no reference to Word of God as a guide to conduct, (or revelation for that matter).  There is no need for repentance unto life.  There is nothing about regeneration.  There is no need for a doctrine of adoption, or justification or sanctification."  Note: The First Catechism is not a part of our Book of Confessions.  It was approved by the 1998, 210th GA as a study document but never sent to the presbyteries for a vote.  It can be found on the PCUSA website. Jan/Feb 1998 Theology Matters p. 8