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John Calvin

The Discipline of the Church: Its Chief Use in Censures and Excommunication by John Calvin, reprinted from the Institutes of the Christian Religion ed. by John McNeil (Library of Christian Classics Series.  Used by permission of WJK Press, Book IV, Chapter XII, 1-5, pp 1229-1234.  Calvin addresses the necessity and nature of church discipline; stages of church discipline; the purpose of church discipline, and the limits of our judgment according to church discipline,  Mar/Apr 1998 Theology Matters p. 12

Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book I, Chapter VI, "Scripture is Needed as Guide and Teacher for Anyone Who Would Come to God the Creator."  Reprinted with permission from the Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin, edited by John T. McNeil (Library of Christan classic Series).  Calvin addresses, 1. God bestows the actual knowledge of himself upon us only in the Scriptures; The Word of God as Holy Scripture; 3. Without Scripture we fall into error; 4. Scripture can communicate to us what the Revelation in the creation cannot.   Book I, Chapter VII, "Scripture Must Be Confirmed By the Witness of the Spirit.  Thus May It's Authority Be Established As Certain; and It Is a Wicked Falsehood That its Credibility Depends On the Judgment of the Church".  Calvin looks at 1. Scripture has its authority from God, not from the church; 2. The church is itself grounded upon Scripture and 5. Scripture bears its own authentication.  Mar/Apr 1995 Theology Matters  p. 6