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Theology Matters Jan/Feb - Nov/Dec 2007

Let Us Rise Up and Build: A Plan for Reformation in the Presbyterian Church (USA) p. 1-- This article was written by the Presbyterian Coalition.  The article discusses the present state of the church; what is needed for a faithful witness; and a specific plan to be implemented at the session, presbytery and General Assembly levels.

Recovering Our Knowledge of Scripture by Mary Holder Naegeli, p. 13-- Holder challenges those who preach and teach to: open the book; read the Word in the worship context; and explain the Word to the people.


John Calvin On the Sacraments: A Summary by Viola Larson, p. 1-- Larson summarizes Calvin's understanding of Baptism and the Lord's Supper from his Institutes of the Christian Religion,  Book 4, chapters 14-17

Baptism and the Munus Triplex, by Randall Otto, p. 13.  Otto teaches how Christians participate in the munus triplex or the threefold office of Christ--prophet, priest and king--through baptism.  Baptism is identification with and submission to God's Word: The calling of a prophet. Baptism signifies anointing with God's Spirit: the calling of a priest. Baptism signifies confirmation as God's Son: the calling of a king.


What's So Important About the Trinity by Dennis Okholm, p. 1 -- Okholm teaches about the doctrine of the Trinity: experiencing God as three persons; from worship to doctrine; on to the Nicene Creed; life in the Trinity.

The Gift: A Love Story, a sermon by Gerrit Scott Dawson, p. 5 -- Dawson looks at John 16: 25-17:8 which reveals that the love of the Triune God causes the Father to send the Son to enter the world.  "Our story is about what happened when that love between Father and son started to get played out on the field that is the world."

The Gift: The Enemy of the Church, a sermon by Gerrit Scott Dawson, p. 8--  Dawson looks at John 17:8-19. "We are the love-gift between Father and Son, those elected to be taken up into a relationship with him." But as the world hated the Son, they will hate his disciples.  "This is the world that is in conflict with the church.  and the church must accept this conflict."

The Gift: The Mission of the Church, a sermon by Gerrit Scott Dawson, p. 11 -- Dawson looks at John 17:18, John 15:12-17. "The mission of the church is to obey the Son and to teach others to be his disciples."

Prayer in the Triune Life, a sermon by Gerrit Scott Dawson, p. 13 --  Dawson explains what it means to pray to the Triune God.


Nein! A Response to Progressives by Mark R. Patterson, p. 1--  Patterson contrasts progressive, liberal theology with historic Christian faith.  This is a primer that will help people understand the issues and conflict in the church today.

An Unworkable Theology by Philip Turner, p. 14 --  From his vantage point in the Episcopal church, Turner describes progressive doctrine as a theology of acceptance verses a theology of redemption.


Sex and the City of God: Part I, sermon by David D. Swanson, p. 1 -- Text is 1 Corinthians 6:12-20. Your body matters to God.  It belongs to the Lord.

Sex and the City of God: Part II, sermon by David D. Swanson, p. 5 -- Text is Romans 1:16-27.  "We all exchange the things of God for the thins of our own creation."  The remedy for all sin is the Savior.

Subversive Virginity by Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, p. 8.  Hinlicky writes, "virginity is a battle against sexual temptation, and popular culture always opts for the easy way out instead of the character-building struggle."

The Bride and the Ten Commandments, by Susan A. Cyre, p. 11-- The Ten Commandments are not punitive laws designed to keep us from enjoying life.  Rather, they are the promises of a husband, YAHWEH, to love and care for his beloved wife, Israel.

Significant Revisions of Chapter 14 of the Book of Order by the Presbyterian Coalition, p. 14.  An analysis of proposed changes to the Book of Order.