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Theology Matters Jan/Feb - Nov/Dec 2000

The Theological Declaration of Barmen Revisited by Ulrich Mauser, retired Princeton Theological seminary NT professor. Mauser does an in depth study of the Barmen as it spoke to its own church and ours.


Authentic Worship in a Changing World: What's Next by Robert Webber, Webber was William R. & Geraldyne B. Professor of Ministry at Northern Seminary in Lombard, IL. He is the author of numerous books on worship.  Webber looks at new movements of change in worship, sociological changes, theological changes, and the future of worship. p. 1

Pop Spirituality or Genuine Story? The Church's Gifts for Postmodern Times by Marva J. Dawn.  Dawn is an Adjunct Professor of Spiritual Theology at Regent College and author of numerous books on worship. This is an excerpt from her book A Royal Waste of Time, 1999 Eerdmans Publishing.  Dawn examines, the movement to postmodernism, the denial of the meta-narrative, the biblical meta-narrative as eternal, Christianity and premodernism, Christianity and modernism and Christianity and postmodernism and the biblical meta-narrative as a gift to the postmodern world, how the revelation forms us, the christian community as gift to the postmodern world, the truth of God as gift to he postmodern world. p.6


The Being and Nature of the Unborn Child by Thomas F. Torrance, Professor of Christian Dogmatics at the University of Edinburgh.
Torrance explores the "being and nature of the unborn child as a besouled body or an embodied soul form the very beginning of existence in the womb of the mother."  Torrance looks at Christ's virgin birth and the unborn; what science tell us of the unborn, personal being; pain and the unborn; the Redeemer's tears.   p. 1

Stillbirth by Leah Koncelik Lebec, reprinted from First Things, June/July 2000 with permission.  Lebec describes her own experience of the death of their child before birth.

Nuyllus Diabolus--Nullus Redemptor: Apocalyptic Perspectives on the Cosmic Struggle for Life Against Death by Carl E. Braaten. This is reprinted with permission from Thinking Theologically about Abortion, copyright 2000 ed. by Paul Stallsworth, Bristol House, LTD. Braaten asks, "Could it be that we have lost the ability to discern the spiritual dimensions of the cultural warfare in which we are engaged?" He answers, "I believe it is so."   Only a recovery of this apocalyptic vision will allow Christians to "strengthen our backbone and stiffen our Christian resistance movement..." 


Two Sexes, One Flesh: Why the Church Cannot Bless Same-Sex Unions by Stephen F. Noll, Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, Ambridge, PA.  Noll writes, "This is an article about marriage, not about homosexuality. ...If these relationships cannot fulfill God's will for marriage, then to place them on an  equal footing is to dishonor marriage."  He looks at: 1) Revising Marriage; Sexuality and the Transformation of Intimacy; Straight Talk about Terms of Endearment; 2) Thinking Biblically about Marriage; the argument from silence; Can Biblical Sexual Norms be Revised?  3) The Natural Design of Marriage: the Purposes of Marriage, The Essential Nature of Marriage; Marriage Under the Power of sin and Death; Homosexuality and the Natural Purposes of Marriage;  4) Marriage and the Law: Same-Sex Marriage and the Traditions of Justice; Liberationism and the Context of Same-Sex Marriage;  5) The Sacred Character of Marriage: Holy Matrimony as a Sign of the Gospel; Marriage as a Means of Grace; Same-Sex Marriage and the Life of the World to Come;  6) Th Unchangeable Glory of Marriage.


Touched by Fire: Presbyterians and Revival by Keith Edwards Beebe, Adjunct Professor at Whitworth College, Spokane, WA.  Beebe examines the origin and shape of Presbyterian revivals from the 16th -19th centuries.  p. 1

Preaching in Revival  by Philip W. Keevil, PCUSA pastor and author of Preaching in Revival, University Press of America, 1999. Keevil writes, "preaching is central to the history of revival in every age."  Keevil examines: The Elements of Revival Preaching and Connections between Preaching and Revival. p. 9


Women in the New Testament: A Middle Eastern Cultural View by Kenneth E. Bailey, Presbyterian Professor of New Testament in Egypt, Lebanon, Jerusalem, and Cyprus.  He now lives in New Wilmington, PA.  Bailey examines the positive attitudes toward women in the NT: Jesus had women disciples, women were teachers of theology in the NT, NT affirms the presence of women as deacons/ministers in the early church; the NT has women prophets and a woman apostle, women elders.  He also looks at the negative attitudes towards women.

The Women Prophets of Corinth: A study of Aspects of 1 Cor. 11:2-16, by Kenneth E. Bailey. Bailey writes, "Within the larger question of the place of women in the New Testament, this passage is of critical importance.  All across church history various voices have found 'regimental colors' or even 'battle cries' in these verses...