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Does Theology Still Matter?  


Does theology still matter? It may seem like an odd question to pose from a ministry that has asserted for more than two decades with the simple proposition of its title that it does.  But asserting that theology matters does not make it so. 

Given all that has happened in our society and in the ecclesial context from which this ministry was born, it is not obvious that theology still matters. In fact, one might wonder if theology matters less today than when this ministry was founded shortly after several denominations officially supported an effort to "re-imagine" Christianity and align the church with progressive cultural and political movements in the early 1990s.

To the casual observer it may not seem that theology has mattered much in recent years. Yet can we honestly say that theology has not mattered at all?  Or can we say it has mattered only slightly for those who have sought to "re-imagine" Christianity in our day? And if it has mattered, how has it mattered?

Simple answers to these questions are not very satisfying. But the question persists: Does theology still matter? Or, to put it more personally: How would you respond to your non-Christian neighbor or co-worker or, for that matter, your Christian neighbor, co-worker, church member, or pastor, if he or she asserted, "Theology doesn't really matter"?

I certainly struggle in responding to these sorts of assertions. And if you are interested in seeing my efforts to do so, please see my article in the new summer edition of Theology Matters entitled, "Does Theology Still Matter?" And if you wish to be put on our mailing list and receive our hardcopy issues, please send us your mailing address at   

Yet let me cut to the chase: we believe that theology still matters as much as ever.  But it matters to us how theology matters.  And we are striving with renewed energy, commitment, and focus to articulate how theology matters.

We want to know how we can better serve you in this task. In order to help us understand how you use Theology Matters, please take our survey. Type the web address below into your web browser. It will take you to our survey on the Survey Monkey website:    

I am honored to be the new executive director and managing editor of Theology Matters. Please join us in the ongoing task of doing theology for the church with deeper love and greater joy.


Richard Burnett

Executive Director and Managing Editor