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Eric Laverentz

Rediscovering the Office of Elder The Shepherd Model by Eric Laverentz
At the center of our name, tradition, identity, and ethos as Presbyterians is a term that has lost almost all connection with what it meant to most who have called themselves Presbyterians over the last five centuries. Even to many of our parents and grandparents being a “presbyter” or “elder” meant something quite different than it means to most of us today. Summer 2018, Theology Matters, P. 1

Heresy, History and Hope by Eric Laverentz
Laverentz looks at historic church struggles like Aranism, Pelagianism, Donatism that plagued the church for centuries and some would say continue today. He observes, "heresy often serves to reform the Church by forcing it to clarify its theology and ethics."  Nov/Dec 2006 Theology Matters p 7