Presbyterians for Faith, Family and Ministry is working to restore the strength and integrity of the Church's witness to Jesus Christ as the only Lord and Savior, by helping individuals Christian develop a consistent Reformed Christian worldview.

Presbyterians for Faith, Family and Ministry  is committed to the restoration of Reformed theology as taught in Scripture and expressed in the Confessions, in the lives of individuals and in the Church.  To affirm the Christian faith is necessarily to reject all false ideologies.  The First Commandment carries both a commitment to the One true Lord God and a rejection of false gods, "I am the Lord your God,...you shall have no other gods before me."  To commit to the Lord God and reality as he has defined it, without also rejecting false gods and their worldview is to unite the worship of the living God with idols.

Therefore Presbyterians for Faith, Family and Ministry is committed to promoting the doctrines of Reformed Christian faith and their worldview implications by contrasting them with the beliefs of false religions and their distorted worldviews.

Presbyterians for Faith, Family and Ministry is convinced that an obedient understanding of family and ministry can only grow out of a faith in Jesus Christ that is based on Scripture and the Confessions.