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Events and Schedules

Executive Director and Managing Editor of Theology Matters 
Richard E. Burnett, Ph.D. 

Oct-Nov. 2017

Sept. 30-Oct.1––Pisgah Presbyterian Church, Versailles, KY 
“Justification: The Doctrine upon which the Church Stands or Falls”

Oct. 8––North Avenue Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA 
“The Protestant Reformation: Why It Happened and Who Should Care”

Oct. 11––Sardis Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC 
“The Protestant Reformation: Why It Happened and Who Should Care”

Oct. 13-15 Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC 
Lay School of Theology: Reformed Theology

Oct. 17-18––Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL, 
Presbyterian Scholars Conference: “Source, Supplement, or Subversive: The Holy Spirit in the History of Presbyterianism”

Oct. 25 - Rock Presyterian Church, Greenwood, SC
"The Protestant Reformation and Why It Matters"

Nov. 1––Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC 
“Theological Renewal and the Reformation of our Minds”

Nov. 5––Lake Murray Presbyterian Church, Chapin, SC 
Kirkin’ o’ Tartan Service: “Once You Were No People, But Now …”

Nov. 15––Due West Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Due West, SC
“Mission Report: Teaching Theological Ethics to Pastors in the Ukraine”

Nov. 19––Young Memorial Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Anderson, SC

Nov. 26––Warrenton Presbyterian Church (EPC), Abbeville, SC